METH DRINKER - Oil + Discography / 2CD Digipak

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METH DRINKER - Oil + Discography / 2CD Digipak

All Meth Drinker's vinyl-only releases for the first time compiled on CD + "Oil" album for the first time on professional CD format. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

• 6 panel full color digipak
• 28 pages full color booklet

CD 1 / Discography contains the complete studio, re-mastered in 2019, vinyl-only recordings, for the first time ever on CD:
- Split LP with Open Tomb (2012)
- "Meth Drinker" EP (2013)
- Split LP with Moloch (2013)
- Split LP with Leechfeast (2015)
- Split EP with Dead instrument (2016)
- Compilation tracks
Total running time: 60 minutes.

CD 2 / Oil contains the "Oil" album re-mastered in 2019, presented as its first "official" CD release ever (original 2014 release was limited to a tour-only CDr of 100 copies) + a banned-in-YouTube 3 video clip tracks.

Production is already on course. Out and shipping in January 2020.

TITLE Oil + Discography
CAT. # TR88
RELEASE DATE December 2019
FORMAT 2xCD Digipak
RUNNING TIME 120 minutes
FILE UNDER Sludge, Doom

If there has to be just one band in the new millenium which could compare to the 90's forefathers and creators of misanthropic mind-altering Sludge (GRIEF, DYSTOPIA, NOOTHGRUSH) it has undoubtely to be New Zealand's METH DRINKER.
The level of NOISE and HATE created by these three sociopaths remains unmatched.
This is absolutely unmissable stuff which keeps hundreds of people worldwide hunting for their records even a few years after the band ceased to exist.

These three sonic sociopaths from New Zealand are the authors of some of the most hateful, evil and fucking malignant sludge ever to reach human ear.
(Cvlt Nation)

Meth Drinker is so visceral it’s painful at points.
Be prepared, as the heavy atmosphere can become overbearing and downright oppressive, but isn’t that what we want from Meth Drinker, anyway?


Have you ever put a record on and thought to yourself, “Since when did people inside insane asylums get to use instruments and why does it sound so fucking great?”.