DOPE SMOKER – Marijuana | VINYL LP (milky clear ltd. 100)

DOPE SMOKER – Marijuana | VINYL LP (milky clear ltd. 100)

Limited to 100 copies pressed on milky clear vinyl.

• Remastered
• 140gr. vinyl
• 350gsm cardboard sleeve, printed inside-out
• Insert printed on 180gsm art paper
• Polylined white paper bag
• Outer bag

No limit of copies per buyer.

TITLE Marijuana
CAT. # TR110
RELEASE DATE September, 2023
RUNNING TIME 42 minutes
FILE UNDER Stoner Rock / Doom Rock

Dope Smoker are a 3 piece Rock group from South West Wales where everyone smokes dope & surfs.

The most popular and possibly the best album by Dope Smoker.
Remastered. Revamped. First vinyl pressing ever.
Fucking amazing vinyl variants.
True cult Doom Stoner Rock.

Out and shipping in mid September 2023!

“This album is a smoking green hymn for every fuzz-addicted stoner-doom-enthusiast, seeking for a warm and welcoming, but powerful and ass-kicking, ocean of musically baked joy, to get lost in.
My highly serious recommendation?
| 420 + Dope Smoker, all day! |
Get your copy, get enlightened and make these buddies swim in your money to buy new organic gasoline-flushs for their dank-blessed hands and minds of it.“

“One of the finest and most original bands on the UK underground scene today.”

“This is hand-down one of my fav stoner records.”

“This is some of the best shit so far in long time… Back to the Old School style… LO_FI Demo like sound but it just works. Hypnotic, NO BULLSHIT! Classic Stoner Doom HUGE and simple. Vocals are incredible in the mix. Grab a bowl of the GREEN and get tripped by Dope Smoker. HUGE THUMBS UP!!!”

“A riff-forward fuzzy trip down a lane that brings to mind the founding fathers of Doom, closer to that classic 70s sound… is an album to get lost in and lose hours to, slowly navigating a mental labyrinth built on heavy riffs and dope smoke.”

“Dope Smoker’s thick, heavy riffs hit like the dankest kush you can smoke, proving that sometimes less is more. It never lets up. High or not, it’s a fantastic, almost transcendental musical journey.“