ULTHA - Forget Everything and Remember (discography) | 2CD

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ULTHA - Forget Everything and Remember (discography) | 2CD

A double CD collection of all tracks Ultha ever released, which weren't on the four full-length releases and the "Belong" EP.
Andy Rosczyk remastered the tracks in his Goblin Sound Studio, Joscha Bauer of Abest created the beautiful artwork.

Tracks 1&2 taken from the "Floors Of Heaven" EP (2020)
Track 3 taken from the 2nd split w. Morast (2019)
Track 4 taken from the "Dismal Ruins II" EP (2018)
Track 5 taken from the split w. Paramnesia (2017)
Track 6&7 taken from the "Dismal Ruins I" EP (2016)
Track 8 taken from the 1st split w. Morast (2016)
Tracks 9&10 taken from the "Rehearsal Demos MMXIV/MMXV" (2015)
Tracks 11-13 taken from the tape "Woe Over Roadbrun" (2017)