TOTAL HATE - Lifecrusher / VINYL LP

TOTAL HATE - Lifecrusher / VINYL LP

Solid, reverse board printed cover, thick card stock 12"insert, classic black vinyl in black inner-sleeve with poly lining & dropcard for the digital album.

Hailing from Bavaria/Germany Total Hate unifies the essence of scandinavian old school black metal. Emerging as kind of side-project back in 2000 they evolved to a full band playing gigs and tours. „Lifecrusher“ marks the 15th year of existence and proves the best album so far: crushing, honest Black Metal without any compromises.

Eisenwald is pleased to release „Lifecrusher - Contributions to a world in ruins“ on 26th of february. Be forewarned!

"“a raging, white-hot fury, propelled by seething, swarming riffs and turbocharged drumming, augmented by a vocalist whose jagged shrieks sound like a deranged killer being strangled with barbed wire.” - NO CLEAN SINGING