RIDE FOR REVENGE - Wisdom of the Few / VINYL LP [US import]

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RIDE FOR REVENGE - Wisdom of the Few / VINYL LP [US import]

Black vinyl edition. Limited to 400 copies worldwide. Gatefold sleeve.

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present RIDE FOR REVENGE's second album, Wisdom of the Few, on vinyl LP. For over a decade now, RIDE FOR REVENGE have maintained one of the most unique sounds in the black/death underground - and prolifically, at that - with their debut album, 2007's The King of Snakes, being the watershed moment where this Finnish entity boldly unfurled its uneasy 'n' unclean primitivism-unto-ritualism onto unsuspecting ears. Since then, the duo became a trio, and their original vision - murky, miasmic, even tribal black metal debased down to its most primitive state, originally using only drums and mangled strings run through a bass amp - has ever so slightly expanded to include noisier textures and even early grindcore.

Released in 2009 on CD format and an extremely limited vinyl version a year later, RIDE FOR REVENGE's Wisdom of the Few saw the band expand upon the primitive promise of their classic The King of Snakes debut. Following much the same format - submerged, half-speed bestiality pulsed and pounded into oblivion - RIDE FOR REVENGE here go for an arguably uglier aesthetic, dingy and diseased, with a subtler menace and an even-more-maniacal approach to its soundfield. It's certainly a more challenging listen, but it's one that cannot be replicated by anyone else, particularly the epic 12-minute monolith of "Morning Won't Bring a Twinkling Star." And like many/most of their records, the song titles tell the entire story: "Dungeons of the Original Sin," "No Savior No Return," "Passages for Greater Self," the telltale "Dedicated to Destruction," and fittingly ending on "Justification / The Circle Remains Closed."

As longtime fans, HELLS HEADBANGERS is honored to now release a bulk of RIDE FOR REVENGE's back catalog on vinyl, with Wisdom of the Few preceded by the band's latest Thy Horrendous Yearning and to be later followed by 2015's Ageless Powers Arise. The abyss has just gotten even more bottomless..