LOUD AS GIANTS - Empty Homes | VINYL LP (marble)

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LOUD AS GIANTS - Empty Homes | VINYL LP (marble)

Loud As Giants is Dirk Serries (VIDNA OBMANA) and Justin Broadrick (GODFLESH).
Debut album.

Justin K. Broadrick and Dirk Serries have been musically in sync since the early eighties when they both were active in the underground cassette network, individually producing experimental, industrial, and noise music.
Both with the highest appreciation for each other’s work for almost two decades, they finally met during a joined tour where Dirk, as Fear Falls Burning, supported JESU during the CONQUEROR Tour.

Finding out that they both had a huge admiration for each other’s immense discography and versatile musical activities, working together was only a matter of time. Remixes (for Vidna Obmana), reconstructions (for Continuum), collaborations (with Dirk Serries’ Microphonics and Fear Falls Burning), and helping each other out at concerts became a constant until finally, they unleashed LOUD AS GIANTS.