THE OCEAN - Heliocentric / VINYL 2xLP

THE OCEAN - Heliocentric / VINYL 2xLP

Gatefold 9mm spine with silver hot foil stamp and metallic pantone inks, 2 printed inner sleeves, engraving / etching on side D.

While their brand new album „Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic“ is making tsunami-style waves across the globe, we are reissuing THE OCEAN‘s 2010 albums „Heliocentric“ and„Anthropocentric“ on vinyl!

The „centrics“-albums saw the introduction of current vocalist Loïc Rossetti to the band’s lineup, a game changer in their 17 years history. „Anthropocentric“ is heavier than its same-year predecessor „Heliocentric“, with the crushing 15-minutes openening track duality „The Grand Inquisitor“ part I and II and following track „She Was The Universe“, one of the most-streamed THE OCEAN tracks to date, setting the bar high for the rest of the album.

Conceptually, „Heliocentric“ and „Anthropocentric“ are a comprehensive critique of the legacy of christianity: While „Heliocentric“ approaches the topic in a historical-chronological way, the main focus of „Anthropocentric“ is the „Grand Inquisitor“-chapter in Dostoyevsky’s world-famous novel „The Brothers Karamazov“, spread out over 3 tracks of the album. Other songs like the serene „The Almightiness Contradiction“ take up ideas by Richard Dawkins, the spearhead of modern day’s aetheism.