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OSI AND THE JUPITER - Uthuling Hyl / CD (Deluxe Digipack)

Image of OSI AND THE JUPITER - Uthuling Hyl / CD (Deluxe Digipack)


[eng] This release is coming out soon. You can reserve your copy by emailing to
[esp] Este disco llegará pronto. Puedes ir reservando tu copia mandando un email a

Eisenwald Recs. distributed release / Germany import

Limited embossed Digipak CD edition.

From its birth in 2015, the focus of the project has been on the spiritual connection between nature and the will of the old Gods – channelled through various representations of life, death and rebirth, this connection speaks through these musical creations, resonating as wordless tributes to these nebulous yet fundamental concepts.

'Uthuling Hyl' is both the story of unheralded songs amongst the shadows of existence and a soundtrack to a journey across unknown realms ruled by ancient Gods. Join this journey and embrace the ritualistic ambience of pagan worship.

"... a haunting, hypnotic, and intensely moving experience." -

“this music would fit perfectly on the soundtrack to a show like Vikings.” -

"standing alongside its European counterparts as a future leader of modern pagan folk music." -

"Osi and the Jupiter offers a beautiful album. Atmospheres, songs, instruments ... Everything is successful. Uthuling Hyl is a work that we would like to see more often, with wonderful qualities." -

"Uthuling Hyl is folk music done just right, and man, is it done right. Each track is wonderfully woven and performed and the album as a whole is simply a great listen, no question about it. Truly enchanting." -

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