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METASTASIS (Chile) - The Essence That Precedes Death / VINYL LP

6.00 - On Sale

Equinox Discos distributed release / Spain export

Limited edition of 400 copies worldwide.
Special / extra packaging.
Outstanding edition with gold foil stamping on the jacket and a huge A2 poster displaying the full artwork by Chris Fattori.

Evil Thrash / Death from Chile in the vein of Kreator, Sepultura...

Two years after their "The Blackened Essence" demo tape was unleashed under the sign of Equinox Discos, Metastasis finally release their debut full-length, which is a lesson in how any Thrash / Death album should be. Aggressive, malevolent and pernicious. A fist in your face, with twisted thrashing riffs, sick vocals that will take you to the early years of Pestilence and Possessed, shredding leads and memorable compositions. Chile has been the spawn of many killer bands during the last years, and Metastasis is definitely one of them. Let the spell be pronounced, and the vengeance will return!