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Distributed Release

At War With False Noise Recs. (UK import).
Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide. Black vinyl pressed only.
Stoughton Gatefold jacket with printed inner sheet.
Includes download code

Absolutely astonishing debut from one of the best bands I've heard since starting this label. Legion Of Andromeda don't reinvent the wheel...they more kinda take the wheel and use it as a primitive weapon to smash it into yer face repeatedly until it's a bloody pulp.
This is stripped-back music as its most primordial. Each song is just one of two basic riffs, repeated over and over again; a simple pounding bass drum beat and inhuman animal growled vocals. It's properly fucking HEAVY. You hear people calling music "brutal" and it almost never applies but this truly is savage, brutal, corrossive music.
The monotony renders it almost ridiculous, but the SOUND - thanks to a Steve Albini production - is utterly compelling and has to be heard to be believed. Truly believe this record is gonna be considered a true monolith in heavy music for years to come.