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CUZO - Ensalada Ovni / VINYL LP (Splatter Mix vinyl)

9.00 - On Sale

Underground Legends Recs. distributed release / Spain export

Issued With Printed Inner Sleeve.
Each vinyl is different with splatter mixed colours.

Cuzo are back with their most psychotropic work. “Ensalada Ovni” will let no one indifferent. Deconstructed musical dressings that Ferrán Adriá will died for. Hypnotic melodies that leave you to dance (inside at least).

After its first listening adduction is the only way out from the passionate labyrinth they are proposing to us. The more you listen the more you are lost for good amid its endless nuances.

Cuzo are now fine-tuning their psychedelic kautrock bringing it to closer settings but no more comprehensible.

And what about the artwork designed by The Braves Church?

From another planet, indeed.