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Distributed Release

Deviant Recs. (Germany import).
Limited to 400 copies worldwide on black vinyl.
Gatefold with 9mm spine
DLP on 180g vinyl
includes 4 Bonus songs.

Emerging from the clandestine Finnish underground, two inheritors of the cult unite to make the world a darker place to dwell...

Through numerous disclosures since its inception the BLOOD RED FOG holds a distinctive stoic bitterness, persistently wandering towards an enigmatic vortex of inevitable twilight. A pale and lugubrious majesty, channeling into the sublime gravity of desperation.
COSMIC CHURCH's highly acclaimed 2013-opus "Ylistys" explored the atmospheric capabilities of the genre with unrivaled intensity. Their contribution "Mysteeriverhoon kietoutunut" in its whole 21 minutes of sombre abrasiveness captures a transcendent journey on cold untrodden paths.
Originally released as a 4-track-CD, the vinyl edition expands the experience by no less than four bonus songs. Whereas each band spawns an exclusive extra track, two additional songs are crafted in cooperation, making this split release a true collaboration in its actual sense.
Deviant Records is proud to present this gem of obscure Finnish Black Metal as limited Gatefold DLP.